Allright, So for now we have 7 official races, and couple unofficial [about 3] wich we wont include there.

Well then! Lets get started!

We've got Humans, wich should be easly known in every roleplay i would make humans are included

Humans are a good type of power [Melee], their point is to get nice and close to strike with great force!

as well Humans are the greatest Wielders, accesing them more variations of things gived by becoming a wielder as a human.

-Honorable tips : You should get your human to great power [Melee], Human wichout being wielder isnt the worst! as well its preety good, Just it takes a little time to get the greatness haha!

Then theres Nekos

Nekos are beings with a cat-like appearance such as cat ears and a tail,

but they are usually offended if you call them ‘Cat’. Nekos Have magic Elemental powers such as

Ice, Fire, earth, air, Water, darkness and light. Each get there powers when they are born into a Clan on Katia. Royals can use all of these elements thanks to their Soul Stones, but are more powerful with there own element.

Nekos are also highly sensitive to Cat-Nip making them less human like and more cat like if eaten. Sometimes Nekos purr when happy but most know how to control this. Nekos love sweets and fish and in Katia there dishes are mostly made up of this and served in a Japanese style.

Then theres Witches

Witches are one of the few creatures of the night. They are evil but can be peaceful and draw power from the dark dimension to keep themselves alive.

There are two types of Witches Pāru witches who are good, peaceful and Kind then there are Eñda Witches who are Evil, Plottful and Mischevious.

They have one thing in common there weakness which is exposure to Holy magic

As now we're going to Fairies

Looking like human, tought their wings on back letting them fly as well possible of using only one element [fire,water,wind,earth] alltought they are great archers,

giving them advantage in ranged fights, manby fairies are as well possible of using sacred techniques of archery [will be added soon]

As well they're small size of max to 80Cm

The fifth race Vampires

Vampires, the blood-sucking creatures, by drinking blood they're bassicaly kept alive..

when long not drinking blood [about 1 day at least need one time], possible of getting into rampage of not controlling themselves by attacking everything in their way to drink some blood,

Alltought blood and dark techniques like darkness, shadow etc doesnt work on vampires..

their weak points are thye're weak to light element, as well holy techniques [wielder], knowing that they cant die by age

As allmost last race, Mermaids

Mermaids are sea creatures, practically useless out of water,

alltought in water their power greatly surpassing many creatures.. they do can breath wichout water, making them more usefull than humans, as humans cant breathe under water, you can either give mermaid an wheeled chair etc..

as well theyre with water magic sometimes sawn at outside world instead of water deep

Last race... Demons

Demons : Greatly Known for their evilish nature, theyre stronger race, tought theyre actually neutral, as you could say friendly posture.. mostly unable to become wielder, Alltought demons are one of strongest magic users

Achieving them demonic techniques, like ''Heun'' and ''Ino''

As well rarely as magic they can achieve corruption states, alltought its only highest sawn magic achieved by royal demons

__Here we go__